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Thread: Depression!! WTF!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by ChelseaNoise View Post

      *thumbs up* Some people know how to handle a situation with a bipolar person well.
      :D im Bipolar lol

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      Depression may be all the things people say it is- a biological and psychological condition. However, even still, depression is a SYMPTOM, and not a Cause. Depression and its associated characteristics of feeling down and lethargic, is symptomatic of the true causes which are social and personal dysfunction. Evolution has created a trigger, which responds to maltreatment or failure. It is evolution's way of weeding out the weak. When someone repeatedly encounters negative feedback from others in society, the mind processes that and sends the appropriate neural response. Generally, those who are socially advanced and dominant will have feelings of pride, positivity, and optimism. Those who are on the receiving end will feel depressed and recede further into their shell. These are all societal and evolutionary mechanisms to ensure that only the best pass on their genes and play a lead role in human society.

      If you're depressed, know that only by making changes to your level of competence and how you deal with other people will you truly be able to rid yourselves of the SYMPTOM of depression. Your body is trying to tell you something and its time you listened.

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      Quote Originally Posted by rod crowley View Post
      Depression is a state of mind.individuals think themselves into it by self pity and they can think themselves outta it.all needed is to get active and get their heads outta their asses.14/88
      You are so far wrong, I don't know where to start. Yes, some of it is a state of mind, however, there are many other things too.
      For one thing, your thyroid gland can cause a lot of problems, including depression if your body chemicals are out of whack. Your thyroid can be damaged or operate wrongly from a neck injury, I should know, I have it.

      As for depression being defeated by activity, that is one type of depression. What about the type I just described?

      It's highly probable that a lot of it is coming from the crap we have in place of food these days. It is so full of perservatives and crap, I doubt our bodies will rot away.

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      Depression and other illnesses are defenitely a reality for some! But nowhere near the numbers that are diagnosed and prescribed medications.


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