"Every 40 seconds in the United States, a child becomes missing or is abducted."

I've watched for days as the traffic police suddenly became detectives. Asking everyone in Boston if they've seen Alex, as if he's not on every streetlight and grocery store bulletin board. They just don't understand, nobody in these neighborhoods talks to a ****ing badge. It's just not in their veins. That's like signing a waver that says "I solemnly swear that if I snitch, I accept the ass beating and/or death that comes with it." That's where someone like me comes in. A local, under the radar crime fighter. Someone that the people trusts because I used to be in the **** with the rest of them. Knees deep in robbery and drugs. I was here, with the people, for a lifetime. Now? I'm investigating this case, keeping my badge in my underwear drawer back home and my gun firmly next to my cock in case one of these idiots wants a taste.

I start by talking to the father, the last person to see Alex alive. It's an uncomfortable interview, talking to a man that's lost everything. He found his wife last Summer, drowning in her own vomit in the middle of a heroin overdose. Then not even a month later, his oldest daughter cuts her wrists because she couldn't handle a life without a mother. Now this, his only son, abducted in daylight. It's a shame, but I'm more worried about myself, one question away from pushing this guy over the edge and who ****in knows what he'll do? Gotta do it though, so I begin...

"So, looks like you've been doing pretty well for yourself, Brian."

"Yeah, well, you know. Watching your wife overdose is a great reason to get sober and do something for your kids." He cracks open a Pabst and inhales it.

"So, you know if you wanna go over that day with an old friend... I have connections out there that can do a **** load more than those ****in pigs. Best way to find a criminal is with a criminal, am I right?" I check my phone real quick, noticing I've been here almost an hour and ain't got **** for it.

"Sure, guess it wouldn't hurt to get somebody outside the ****in law to do something. I started the day by cooking breakfast. My boy loves pancakes and it was the final game in the World Series. Had to celebrate my Red Sox with my son, y'know? So I made him chocolate chip pancakes with the Boston logo on them. He loves that kind of ****, man, just blushes with joy seeing that ****in logo on his cake. What dad doesn't want that for his kid? Anyway, I noticed we were out of milk... you know there's the dairy mart just around the corner... so I figured **** it! He's eating and watching his cartoons, it'll take me five minutes tops. So I headed out, even locked the door behind me... or so I thought...

I had to cut him off, "does anybody else have a key to your apartment?"

"Well, I mean, yeah my brother does... you're not insinuating that he could've ****ing taken my boy are you!? Because if that mother ****er did anything to my Alex, I'll ****ing kill that opiate addicted piece of ****!"

"No, no, just trying to think how someone could get through a locked door without breaking it open... maybe it was just picked, I'm sure your brother wouldn't have done something like that... addict or not, that'd be just ****in evil bro." Wiping the sweat from my brow, "carry on man, what happened next?"

He opens another beer, hands shaking from anger, watching the same cartoon his son was watching before the abduction took place. "Why are you wanting to help me, Jimmy? Haven't seen you in ****in years and now you show up asking all kinds of questions like some pig? It's ****in weird, man."

"The ****, Brian? I know it's been a long ****in time but when a kid from my old neighborhood winds up missing, of course I'm gonna use my resources to find the kid and kill the mother ****er that did it. Don't you want your son back? You know damn well I know this place better than any law dog."

"True, true, I'm sorry. Y'know, it's just an overwhelming experience, Jimmy. I've been through so much... losing my wife... losing my daughter and now... my Alex. I just... I just can't..." He starts to tear up, damn near choking on his six pack of PBR.

"I know, bro, that's why I need you to tell me this **** so I can get out there and save your son. I promise you, I'll find him and bring this filthy **** to your doorstep with a mob of fellas foaming out the ****in mouth for a piece of that."

He laughs, nodding his head and punching my shoulder playfully. "Alright, Jimmy, well I went to get the milk and some smokes. When I bumped into Trish... y'know... my wife's sister. She felt the need to talk my ****in ear off for like fifteen minutes until I told her Alex was home alone. Bitch gave me the most judgmental look ever then let me go. By the time I got home though, the door was cracked open and Alex was gone..."

I look at the door knob and the lock above it, trying to piece together if Alex could've unlocked it himself or not. "Is it possible that Alex opened the door himself and went out looking for you?"

"Nah, he's tall enough but I always block the screen door from the other side if I leave him alone. Someone had to remove the weight from outside then somehow got the door open."

I spend a few minutes thinking of possibilities, watching Brian go through his beer and cigarettes like his life depends on the two. "Could it be possible that Alex recognized whoever was outside? They could've moved the weight while Alex unlocked the door for them."

"I mean, yeah, it's ****in possible. There was no sign of a struggle and Alex definitely would've made a mess if someone he didn't know broke in... but who? Who the **** do we know that would ****in do this to me? I swear I'll ****in torture them!"

"Calm down for a second, bro... we need to think about this so I can go find them. You mentioned your brother earlier, does he live close enough that he could've got here within the twenty or so minutes you were gone?"

He tosses the last beer into the trash and sparks up another American Spirit... staring at the wall... I'm assuming he's thinking of possible suspects.

"Yeah, Jimmy, he lives about two blocks away in the ****in sewer man. Dude's a ****in bum, just getting high all the time. I gave him a key in case he ever decided to get his **** together. Told him if he cleaned up and got a job, he could crash on the ****in couch."

I take a mental note of the information he just gave me, "is there anybody else he would've recognized that could've came here during that point?"

"My dad... any of Sam's family... I'm really starting to think it was my ****in brother though. Who knows what that ****in piece of **** would do for a high? Y'know what, Jimmy? Maybe you should go... I wanna go find him and talk to him myself." He stands up, grabbing his car keys and an old Louisville slugger from between the fridge and the rotting wall.

"Hey, Brian, why don't you let me go find him? You've been drinkin and ****, I'm in a clear mindset so if he gets froggy I'm sure I'm in a better state of mind to **** 'em up bro." I release a fake, nervous chuckle to try and cheer him up I guess. He looks at me, as if imagining his brother's head on my shoulders... "Sure Jimmy, but don't kill him, just **** 'em up and bring 'em here... with my boy!" He hands me his keys and the bat, walks over and splashes onto the couch. "****..." I say under my breath as I start to head out the door.

When I get to the entrance to the sewer, I notice an uncanny scent of fruit... rotting fruit... lingering from the manhole. This is apparently where his brother is staying, according to Brian you can usually see Stan from the bottom of the ladder. So. I remove the manhole and climb down, to my surprise, there's candy wrappers and fast food bags everywhere. Leading to a couch and what appears to be a cardboard TV. No sign of Stan or Alex though but unless Stan is a candy lover, the boy was definitely down here. I pull out my gun but keep it remotely hidden just in case I find Alex first...

Walking around the sewers, all kinds of horrid stenches keeping my nose occupied and my senses distracted. **** and piss and rats, this mother ****er HAD to live in the ****ing Boston sewers... Every corner I slide around, I pray is the corner Alex is sitting behind. I just want to pick this kid up and get the **** out of these tunnels as soon as possible, but every tunnel looks the same. Can't tell if I'm going in circles or if I'm getting some kind of high from the fumes down here... wait... foot steps? I hear the echo of shoes... possibly children shoes... much too light to be a grown man's.

As I get closer to the sound, I'm welcomed by a warm embrace. A rather large forearm wrapped around my throat and a cold steel just between my ribcage. "Who the **** are you and what are you doing in my tunnels?" I flip the man over my should and rip the shard out of my side. Pull my gun out and the man immediately throws his hands up. "Please don't shoot, I have a son! His name is Alex!"

"Where is the ****ing kid? Tell me now or I swear I'll ****ing end you!" I can feel my blood streaming out of that wound and my body getting weaker and weaker but I don't have time to worry about dying... I need to find Alex... and I need to find him NOW! "TELL ME WHERE HE IS! NOW!"

"He's in the water, swimming, here I'll show you." He slowly starts reaching into the sewer water, only to try and splash it in my face. Instinctively, I put three slugs in his chest but by then it's too late. I can feel my body going into shock, the back and forth of cold and warmth. The tingly feeling in my fingers and the numbness in both legs. I slowly guide myself down the wall behind me. I try to pull out my phone but by now my vision is blurred and my mobile functions aren't responsive... but... that's when I see him...

Alex comes over to me with a hand full of seeds... he puts his other hand on my head and smiles. "Hi mister, wanna plant trees with us? Uncle Stanley says if we plants these seeds then daddy can see mommy and sissy again!" I try to tell him to grab my phone, to call 911, to get help... but nothing comes out. He puts a couple seeds in my hand and wanders off... just in time for me to die alone.

*Two days later*

"In tonight's news, we are thrilled to tell you all that Alex Smith was found at the entrance of a sewer tunnel by a citizen and his dog. Apparently, Alex was in the sewers with his uncle. When asked what they were doing in there, Alex told authorities he was trying to plant the seeds of life. Sadly, Alex's uncle, Stan Smith had an opiate addiction and police found the seeds to be opiate poppy seeds. Police and EMT's also found the body of missing persons detective, James Connery. Who was reportedly talking to Alex's father just two days ago. James is survived by a wife and three kids..."