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Thread: Decent lyrical content
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      Are you saying that you can listen to a song about Bob Mathews and NOT get fired up? I have yet to get tired of listening to songs about killing kikes or nigs!

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      You could also try some 'gray zone' bands like Offensive Weapon and Para Elite. Not openly WNist, but sympathetic and definitely Anti-Antifa. And there music kicks ass.

      As far as old school stuff, I always thought Nordic Thunder was pretty good hardcore from the 90s, and decent lyrical content.
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      Quote Originally Posted by TKaczynski8 View Post
      It seems like the majority of WN music is devoid of any intelligent or meaningful lyrical content. It's normally "kill niggers, kill jews," some broken german, or some vague, repetitive statement about wanting to save the race. It gets really boring listening to songs with the same generic lyrics all the time. A lot of the oldschool oi bands tend to do a good job keeping it simple while still being creative; most Blitz, Vengeance and some Combat 84 do a good job with this. But those bands, except Vengeance, aren't racially aware, and their shit can be repetitive too, so I'm looking for some recommendations for some WN music, oi/NSBM/metal or whatever, that knows how to write good lyrics.
      In all fairness if you want good lyrics you should read a book. From my experience most of the music I've heard (and by no means have I heard it all) is designed to pump younger members up and get people wanting to do something about the serious problem we face. It is hard, heavy, raw music and even non political music in the same genre tends to be less than poetic. Not trying to be an ass I completely understand where you're coming from. I haven't found a political band that blows me away with their lyric yet but Skrewdriver, Nordic Thunder and Fortress are definitely good and seem to be closer to your preference than others.

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      Younger fellas like "Final war".That is more in the vein of bands like Pennywise or Bad Religeon.
      The "Iron Wil" album I have is an RAC album with tame lyrics.

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      What ever happened to Razors Edge and Final War haven't heard anthing from them in awhile.


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