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Thread: Your favorite non political albums of all time, reccomend and discuss.
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      Default Your favorite non political albums of all time, reccomend and discuss.

      Led Zeppelin /3 and 4

      Slayer / reign in blood

      Iron Maiden/powerslave

      Manowar/kings of metal, thunder in the sky , lords of steel

      Ramones/ anthology

      Judas Priest/pain killer,screaming for a vengeance

      Accept/balls to the walls

      Twisted sister/ stay hungry

      Guns n' roses/appetite for destruction

      Pogues/ rum sodomy and the lash

      Black Sabbath/paranoid,self titled

      The cure/standing on a beach

      Pink floyd/piper at the gates of dawn,relics, dark side of the moon

      The Beatles/white album

      AC/DC/back in black, dirty deeds done dirt cheap,highway to hell

      The doors/ best of the doors double disc.

      Sex pistols/ never mind the bolocks

      Devo/ are we not men?

      The exploited /punks not dead.

      U.K. Subs /war head

      Iggy and the stooges/Raw power

      Black flag/damaged.

      The business/ last train to Clapham Junction

      The misfits/earth AD/wolves blood

      Burzum/hvis lyset tar oss

      Bathory/hammer heart

      Drop kick murphies/do or die

      INXS /kick

      Kiss/ dynasty

      Motörhead/Ace of spades

      The cramps /flame job

      now some of these musicians may not all be white or have questionable ethics but let's focus on the music and why you liked the great albums and the creativity involved in them.
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      I'll drink to that.And throw in Obituaries "Slowly we Rot",and Repulsions "Horrified" for good measure. Yesh!


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