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Thread: Coburg Rallies
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      Quote Originally Posted by jlsf View Post
      Those people are out of control. I really love their excuse for why they terrorize their communities....because there is nothing to do in their house. Because they want to make money. Just get a job sparkling wiggles!
      The dumb bastards said the cops are the real problem, and their "street friends" are their family that somehow makes them want to go out and behave badly!

      It isn't that they are poor!Believe me in Australia if you are a refugee you'll get welfare and accomodation ,yes it'll be basic but you don't have to break the law to get by.

      The UN made us have the niggers and most people knew it'd be trouble , but the " do gooders" said they could intergrate harmoniously.

      Do you need to pinch Jewels or luxuary cars to get by and live? Just greedy cunts who are too lazy to work or study to get good work!
      I love how he wants to get Australian citizenship! So doesn't deserve it! We have our own in house niggers to make trouble already! We don't need to import other coons!

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      Click on the images to enlarge
      Source: https://aussienationalists.wordpress.com

      The shocking signs, designed by a nationalist group encouraging followers to print and hang them in public places around the country, are made to resemble Pokemon cards and feature the catch phrase “gotta catch & deport them all”.

      Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is featured on one of the posters, with the modified tagline “gotta catch & hang ‘em all”. Others feature cartoon Apex gang members and a “passive yet cunning” Asian man, given the name “Chinkamon”.

      The posters have shocked people for the racist slurs and insulting descriptions of the people and groups they feature.

      The poster featuring Ms Abdel-Magied is titled “Yassmin-Abdelamon” and is stamped with the words “update: Self-exiled”, presumably referring to the former ABC identity’s recent move to London.

      The sign describes the character as a “big-mouthed Australianaphobe” and a “nuisance feminist.”

      “Waleedamon”, the group’s depiction of popular The Project host, is described as “charming yet insidious” and is said to possess the ability of Taqiyya, which the poster defines as being “used by Muslims to lie to non-beleivers (sic) to defeat them”.

      Senator Hanson-Young is accused of being out to “destroy Australia by promoting self-hatred and open borders”, while the Asian caricature is accused of “inconspicuous buyout of Aussie housing, business & infrastructure”.

      The “Apexamon” poster, illustrated as two drawings of black men holding knives and guns with a “racial commitment to crime”.

      The posters have been produced by a group calling itself Aussie Nationalists.

      On the group’s website it offers high resolution copies of the posters, encouraging followers to print them out and “spread the love in your area”.

      One of the posters, featuring an image of Waleed Aly done up as “Waleedamon”, was spotted in Sydney’s inner west overnight and posted to Facebook.
      The poster was reportedly removed shortly after it was shared online.

      Members of the public are believed to have alerted police, who have told news.com.au they are investigating.

      “Police at Marrickville Local Area Command are now aware of the posters and we are seeking information from the public about who made and distributed them.

      Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 33 000.

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      Three men who made a video of a mock beheading with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ to urge people to rally against a proposed mosque in Bendigo, have become the first people convicted under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

      Blair Cottrell, the leader of the far-right activist group United Patriots Front, Christopher Shortis and Neil Erikson were charged with knowingly engaging in conduct with the intention of inciting serious contempt for, or revulsion of a class of persons, namely Muslims.

      The men appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates Court for a contested hearing of the charge relating to the October 2015 video which was posted on the United Patriots Front Facebook page.

      Today Magistrate John Hardy found the trio guilty and ordered each man to pay a $2000 fine.

      He said he rejected the submission by Mr Shortis that the video dealt with a tenet of Islam and the beheading, not the religion itself.

      He said he accepted prosecution submissions that in this case it was not necessary to prove that the video would incite such responses or that it did so, only that it was intended to incite contempt or revulsion.

      Mr Hardy said in his view the video was made in effect to induce as many like-minded persons as possible to attend their rally.

      The three men have indicated their intention to appeal the judgement.

      Patriots slam ‘blasphemy’ charge

      Earlier, the men claimed the stunt beheading a mock dummy was an act of free speech rather than religious vilification.

      The Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions has effectively charged the three men with blasphemy over their participation in a video which depicted a beheading of a mannequin and the shouting of “Allahu Akbar’’, one of the men has told the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

      Christopher Shortis is charged along with United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson with knowingly engaging in conduct with the intention of inciting serious contempt for or revulsion of a class of people, namely Muslims, under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

      The men faced the court today in relation to the video they made in October 2015 which promoted a rally opposing the building of a mosque in Bendigo.

      The court yesterday heard the prosecution case regarding the cost of cleaning up the fake blood which spilled from the effigy and the men were expected to take the witness stand today.

      However this morning the trio told Magistrate John Hardy they had changed their minds and would not be giving evidence in the witness box.

      Instead, the three launched into submissions to the Magistrate about why criticising an extremist practice was not intended to incite contempt, revulsion or ridicule for Muslims as a group.

      In closing submissions prosecutor Fran Dalziel said the additional charges of wilful damage and defacing property were alternative charges to the incitement charge.

      She said the men played to the camera which showed they were aware of their actions and their words in thanking Bendigo for building a mosque demonstrated the video was clearly directed to Muslims.

      She said the beheading of the mannequin with the phrase “Allahu Akbar” and the wearing of a Middle Eastern headdress further contributed to the charge.

      Ms Dalziel said the beheading itself clearly referenced well publicised and tragic acts of terrorists purporting to act in the name of Islam.

      “They are imputing acts of terrorists as part of general acts of Islam,” she said.

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      AN anti-racism rally in Melbourne’s CBD has been marred by unmaskings, an arrest and clashes with a rival ring-wing event

      A protester was arrested after allegedly clashing with journalists and police.

      Police cuffed the woman and she was later placed in a van and driven away.

      About 500 protesters holding “Melbourne says no to racism” placards marched to parliament where a right wing group was holding a rally.

      The opposing groups were kept apart by police and large orange barriers.

      The anti-racism protesters yelled “Nazi scum” and “unite to fight the right” while holding signs for a range of social issues including racism, refugees and marriage equality as they marched through the city.

      “Drown out their message of hate with our message of solidarity,” one of their members announced on the microphone.
      Anti-racism protester Andy Lebusque, 31, said he had joined the gathering to show far right protesters that there was staunch opposition to their opinions.

      The Glen Waverley man said he feared racists were protesting under the guise of caring about Victoria’s crime rate and Victorian’s safety.

      “It is a good message but that’s not their real message — it’s a false narrative,” Mr Lebusque said

      Former Israeli Defence Force soldier and organiser of the right-wing event Avi Yemini said the group was only advocating to make Victoria safer.

      “Our world is upside down, political correct madness has taken over,’’ Mr Yemini said.

      He said the group would continue to fight for minimum sentencing, no bail and no early release for violent offenders; adult jail time for offenders from age 18 and the legalisation of nonlethal weapons like pepper spray.

      “What we are asking for is safety and security for all Victorians,’’ he said.

      “No matter if you’re black, white, gay, doesn’t matter what race or religion, we all deserve the right to live in peace and security knowing that we will not get raided in the middle of the night by teen thugs.

      “We all deserve the right to own our own businesses without the threat of groups of thugs coming in and robbing us.”

      “We’re just trying to make Australia better for our kids,” he said.

      “We are just normal people, not anarchists or thugs.

      “This is a peace rally aimed at raising awareness about increasing street violence.

      “It is an unfortunate fact that a lot of that violence is caused by African gangs.

      “People say we are racist for pointing that out. We are not.”

      A masked anti-racism protester was also been moved and had his mask removed under new laws.

      Police pounced on the noisy protester as he screamed obscenities at journalists.

      The youth was detained as he shouted: “this is not ethical.”

      “You’re invading my privacy,” he yelled.

      Police took the man’s details and released him.

      Protesters from the rival event heckled the masked man, labelling him a racist despite him appearing in support of the anti-racist groups.

      The protesters came to a stand still after marching down Swanson St from the State Library, up Bourke St, to Parliament.

      One man was pulled over the barricade and taken away as the protesters continued to chant.

      Perhaps the Former Israeli soldier involved could wield influence over his ZOG brothers in the UN and have them quit putting pressure on Australia to accept these negroes who form criminal gangs ,if he is
      So concerned?
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