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Thread: Soldiers of Odin Australia. Is it just a social media scam?
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      Because they have had a clash with an anti muslim protest. Won and confiscated the oppositions flags. And then turned them up side down as a sign of disrespect for there own country and themselves. In Australia at the moment White mike, there seems to be a rising problem with the left wing anarchist and the Antifa. They are fighting for open borders for immigrants to openly come to Australia. I say its treasonous and they should be placed in detention centres or be made responsible for migrant damage and crimes. No SOOA At any of these protests might I add just to stay on topic. Hope this answers your question.

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      Displaying the Aussie flag upside is enough for me to want to at least knee cap them with a shotgun.

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      A RACIST and homophobic vigilante group which structures its chapters in an identical fashion to bikie gangs is establishing itself in Darwin.The group, called the Soldiers of Odin, was created in Finland two years ago to combat the rise in refugee crime in the northern European nation.

      The group has a strong following in Melbourne, where it patrols the city’s streets, and has organised anti-refugee protests.[/color]
      National president Jay B Moore confirmed to the NT News the organisation was in the process of establishing a Darwin chapter.

      He declined to comment further on the group’s aims or when the chapter would be officially running in Darwin.

      The group’s structure is closely aligned to the outlawed motorbike gangs.
      A Soldiers of Odin statement posted on the group’s Facebook page says prospect members must earn the trust of fully fledged members for three-months before attaining membership.

      Members are required to pay fees for the upkeep of a clubhouse and to pay bills.

      The statement says it is against Islam, the ice epidemic, homelessness and domestic violence.

      The same statement says the group is also against people who are proud of their cultural heritage, gay or transgender. “We are about restoring safety to our streets, safety for all, but especially for our women and children, safety for our elderly and veterans, like it used to be,” the statement read.
      Community members have warned authorities of the rise of a vigilante movement.

      What the hell? They don't like people proud of their heritage? Hope they aren't talking about white people? It'd be interesting how far it goes? This place NT is as hippy and far left as you can get!


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