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Thread: Non white crime report.
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      When Sudanese first got put here in the 2000’s Drew Fraser went on TV to warn everybody and got called Racist and scoffed at. He was right!

      Australia is going to be called “Chindia” in 50 years or so.
      The two groups have cunning and money and Retirees want it! So they sell all our stuff to them so they can go retire in Phillipines and screw sluts all day!

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      Hitler was done negotiating with the greedy politicians ruining his country, and the world, so he made a statement they all understood and executed them. He was forward thinking, even if you don’t agree with his methods. He was also spot on with genetics as a solution, he just didn’t have the technology to even imagine a weapon on the level of cancers or aids. With all the genome mapping we’ve done collecting DNA, they have found so many specific markers in each race that someone could find something that could binds to each one much like medicine does. Same as the first atom bombs, you don’t even have to use them once their powers realized. I just hope no one tries culling the whites first!


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