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Thread: Non white crime report.
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      The Australian | 10 August 2018


      Extract: A Victoria Police commander said officers chose not to arrest members of warring South Sudan*^@&!ese gangs who pelted rocks at the riot squad and damaged a police car, sparking a new round of criticism from Melburnians who have endured eight months of violence.

      Former Victoria Police chief commissioner Kel Glare yesterday questioned police tactics, saying officers should have arrested the teen*^@&!agers on the spot.

      But Northwest Metro Commander Tim Hansen revealed police had a strategy that prioritised moving crowds on and keeping nearby residents safe over making arrests, even when police were targeted.

      Up to 100 South Sudanese youths gathered in the northwest suburb of Taylors Hill on Wednesday night, fighting, damaging property, attacking officers and threatening residents. During the melee, terrified locals were told by police to “stay inside and lock the doors”.

      Gang members abused residents as “WHITE TRASH!’’ and threatened to raid their homes.

      The gangs were contemptuous of police, shouting “The police can’t touch us, they can’t do anything’.

      Mr Glare said police should have acted immediately. “If you go after them on the spot, you know who the offenders are and that’s when you can take proper action,” he said.

      “The burden of proof isn’t that high to charge someone with *^@&!affray, the only difficulty is the practical one — identifying the offender — but that’s pretty easy when you can see them throwing stones at you.

      “So you grab the *^@&!offender or a couple who are acting up, and I suspect a lot of this disobedience will be over pretty quickly. Police have a role to play and if they’ve got the courage to carry it out, you can’t lose.”

      Immigration Minister Peter Dutton hit out at the Andrews Labor government in the wake of the incident, slamming it for failing to take the issue seriously enough. “People are getting hurt and somebody is going to be killed,” he said on Sydney radio 2GB. “In 2018 having people riot like this … a scene from some other part of the world is unacceptable.”

      'They were just coming in waves': Father-of-two says he's scared for his children's safety as his once affluent suburb 'has become lawless' - as vision emerges of fight at the centre of the African youth riot

      Ben Hill | Daily Mail (UK) | 10 August 2018


      Extract: An eyewitness to the shocking riot of more than 100 African youths in an affluent Melbourne suburb says muggings and home invasions are common in the area which is targeted by gangs - and a lack of police presence is to blame. The resident, aged 37, has lived in Taylors Hill for five years after moving from Birmingham, England for a better lifestyle. Gangs of students savages went on a rampage on Wednesday terrorising residents by brawling and throwing projectiles.

      'Four or five years ago there might have been 20,000 residents in this area, there's close to 40,000 now,' he said.

      'There's a lot of people in this area, and in the last two years all the home invasions started to happen. It was never heard of before then.'

      The youths made their way to the supermarket from nearby Lonzo Park, where they threw rocks at each other and at bus stops.

      They had been moved on from Watergardens Shopping Centre in Taylors Lakes where they had gathered to fight at 5.30pm on Wednesday.

      Taylors Hill and nearby Caroline Springs were prone to violent home invasions, as young people broke into houses to steal car keys.

      'They were jumping over fences, putting bricks through doors, sometimes injuring the homeowners, taking the keys and then going,' he said.

      'It's a wealthy suburb, and people were breaking into homes, stealing cars and then using those cars to do muggings on the main roads.

      'It happened quite a lot, last year was a bad year for that. It's still around in this area, everyone is really nervous. It's inner city issues out in the suburbs really.'

      The resident said he believes the young people involved target his community as they know it is unlikely they will be caught by the police.

      'This is a very family orientated suburb, it's all young families, and people are pretty scared, because it's not uncommon now to hear someone got mugged the other day, or there was another home invasion.

      'All these gangs, they don't stay in their own areas, they go to where they know they can get away with it, they come to areas like this where they think they have a bit of an opportunity and won't get caught out.'

      'People don't want to move into these areas when you're scared to go out of your house in the evening, you never know when something might happen

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      What do Abos even do apart from commit crimes?


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