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Thread: Non white crime report.
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      Quote Originally Posted by BMX racist View Post
      Six gun Charlie. Today I was physically sick at work. I looked in their sink. ...I saw:-roaches,hair,mouldy food and rotten eggs.I hurled! I had to focus
      On the job and just wanted to leave.the bastard owned
      Nothing but some iPad and a speaker,then he played bands like "Manowar" and "Judas Priest". How the hell can such ugly people admire good
      I feel for ya brother, that sounds pretty damn horrible.

      To jump back to what you said HC Anglo, I get tired of hearing that shit too; the "we stole the land routine". We colonized this world and within 200 years made it a powerful and thriving place. They had thousands of years of opportunity and did nothing with it. With the colonization we have brought more than they would of had without us.

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      Just as much my land as it is their's. They are conquered people.You see they can't really employ them as they want to go off "walkabout",like nomads.They did have jobs on stations and stuff 50 years ago. In the 1970's Australia established a welfare state under an awful Prime Sinister."Gough Whitlam".
      He layers the foundation for Abo laziness and distinction. It really is a free for all and it's just feral!

      If Japan invaded and won they'd be all gone.
      It's like getting a wild mouse and trying to get some white mice from the pet shop and you can see there is a racial difference.

      We try educate them but $ gets put into positive stuff they like such as encouragement for sports and music.


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