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Thread: Ancient Celtic New Zealand
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      Default Ancient Celtic New Zealand

      Here's an interesting website for anyone looking to research New Zealands true history, you can find the book it is based on at most libraries in NZ, its well worth a read, there is a massive cover up going on to hide the truth about who the first people here where, however more and more people are waking up to the fact that the Maoris where not the first here.

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      Good stuff my friend ill read right up on that soon.

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      ill be looking at this site to. iv heard about a cover up and want to know more so be interesting.

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      I was just in NZ as a tourist and I asked various questions to the tour guide . He knew of the existence of the strange celtic like boulders found around Silverton. He seems to think there is a lot more locked away in Museum vaults that isn't accessible. I asked "what are they hiding and what are they covering up?" He said that the question was a little political.. but I asked him again separately when his voice wasn't on the bus loud speaker and he seems to think it would upset the Maoris and their land claims and even the treaty of Waitangi.

      ... Even in Australia Celtic like things have been researched and destroyed because the farmer thought the crown would sieze his land if it got "out of the bag". Things are coming to light now.


      An amateur historian has uncovered new information which has led to the mystery location of Australia's answer to Stonehenge.

      About six months ago New South Wales teacher Richard Patterson came across letters referencing the rock formation written by the late Australian journalist Frederic Slater while he working for the Brunswick Valley Historical Society.

      Slater's research had not been spoken about since the site was ordered to be knocked down in 1940 by a farmer who owned the land where the formation sat.

      But a father and son duo have used Slater's letters to find the site about 40km away from Mullumbimby in northern NSW, and they say the discovery suggests language actually originated in Australia.
      In his letters, Slater - who was the president of the Australian Archaeological Society in the 1930s - detailed the location of 'Australia's Stonehenge'.

      The farmer whose land the rock formation sat on feared he would lose his livelihood, and in 1940 tasked his then 15-year-old son with destroying the 'sacred site'.


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