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    Yesterday morning Oberst Hajo Hermann died at the age of 97 after a life full of dedication to our sacred cause. Born in 1913 in Kiel/Germany he was a well known and feared pilot of the German Luftwaffe. He had about 370 flights and was shot from the air 4 times. For his combat flights he received the "Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern" and was one of the highest decorated soldiers in WWII. After WWII and his imprisonment in a russian camp he studied law and fought for our brothers and comrades in front of the court. The last years he held a lot of political and historical evenings all over europe to tell us, the young generation, what living for the cause means. Until his end Oberst Hajo Herrmann gave everything for the idea of national socialism and is a shining idol for all of us. Hajo Herrmann - rest in peace!