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    When am I gonna wake up? I thought I was dreaming when I heard names and phrases such as neo-conservative, international bankers, the Federal Reserve Bank being used freely in open argument on the world stage. There’s more to this, cutting off foreign aid (welfare) to all countries….INCLUDING Israel, repealing draconian thought crime bills, such as hate crime legislation which is put before congress, and often passed on Capitol Hill.

    Many of these subjects listed above were arguments and words only talked about in underground political circles, and was speech too poisonous to be spoken. Even worse than the material which gives films an R rating, or albums a parental advisory sticker. The question is this: How did they become so main stream?

    Well, during the 2008 election cycle there was a 70-something year-old representative from Texas who stepped on the stage of the first republican debate at the Reagan Library and addressed issues of foreign policy, big government, the income tax, the Federal Reserve Bank, and most of all the founding fathers vision of liberty. He even made the phrase neo-conservative mainstay in political talk, which was often touted as being an “anti-Semitic” slogan for those whom would like to end the United States’ unwavering support for Israel.

    This man was none other than Representative Ron Paul. For once there was a candidate talking about the issues that really mattered. This however did not come with gigantic black lash from the Zionist media. Because Dr. Paul feels that principles of founders original intent are worth preserving, he’s been called an anti-Semite, crazy, an isolationist, and even the “scary” R word: a racist.

    Of course calling the good doctor names is nothing more than a straw man attempt to make public sentiment turn away from the truth along with Representative from Texas. Why have issues like banking cartels, free speech, foreign policy, and the original intent of the founder’s vision been off limits? The answer is: every one of these things may cause the citizens to challenge the global power structure and its agenda of internationalism for profit.

    Dr. Paul seems to be a huge proponent of national sovereignty. That bodes well for those of nationalistic thought. To be a serious defender of the constitution as well as being against any attempts to squelch freedom of speech. That has to make the one-worlder internationalists very afraid. His stance on immigration is great, with wanting to immediately secure the borders, and ending all incentives for illegal immigrants who drain public resources. This is a very good approach, and can be done using the founding documents of our nation.

    Speaking of ending welfare, that goes for foreign welfare too. Do you know that we send billions in financial aid each year fund Israel and the PLO? Wow, that’s kind of like funding a battle on both ends; similar to what the Zionist cartels of international bankers do by funding both sides of every war, while creating multiple Holocausts of American and European peoples in the process.
    Another thing that seems to upset the Z team, is that he wants to stay clear of foreign entanglements. Being a non-interventionalist, that doesn’t mean Ron Paul is soft in ways of national defense. He is very pro national defense and believes that war must be declared through congress before sending thousands of our soldiers over to wars for profit. Also, he speaks of the idea of blowback, which the CIA says is the reason peoples from the Middle East are so hell bent on harming westerners. Paul says there is a simple solution to this problem, “stop meddling in their affairs.” I guess its kind of like the old analogy, “if you stir up a hornets nest with a stick, you’ll get bit.”

    With the possibility of a 2012 run for president, the mass media are already stepping up their efforts to make Ron Paul look unelectable, and out of touch with what many are thinking. We’re dealing with master manipulators here, will their power of influence sway public opinion, or have Americans become MAD AS HELL? With the economy in the dumps and millions out of work, people losing their houses, savings, and even pensions will they look towards a compass of truth and try to address many of the problems why the U.S. is moving toward a third world nation, or will they continue to play apart of the fictional existence by voting for their plastic, handpicked political tools?

    -John Jefferson