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  1. Institute for Historical Review
  2. Today in White History
  3. Human evolution 'could have happened outside Africa too'
  4. Erectus Walks Amongst Us
  5. The Oldest Skulls Ever Found In Americas Are Caucasiod
  6. Solutrean
  7. Legendary Civil War submarine H.L. Hunley unveiled for first time
  8. Mary Todd Lincoln Portrait Revealed as Hoax
  9. Henry Ford: Honorary Nazi Supporter
  10. Battle of Vienna 1683
  11. German soldiers preserved in World War I shelter discovered after nearly 100 years
  12. Tattooed Scythian Mummy / Indo-Europeans in Eurasia
  13. "Confederates Lost the war for being too Celtic"
  14. New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America
  15. Hitler had a son to a French girl ?
  16. National Socialist Bunker in Los Angeles
  17. Was hitler half jewish?
  18. Areté - the act of living up to one's full potential
  19. German National Socialist Era Built Vacation Resort To Become Luxury Hotel
  20. The Downside of Higher IQ
  21. Mystery of Anglo-Saxon teen buried in bed with gold cross
  22. Did the Holocaust REALLY happen?
  23. The shot heard round the world
  24. Pre-historic hominids and what led to the Aryan
  25. Former Nazi Watch Tower Converts to Chic Luxury Home
  26. Die Glocke
  27. Roanoke Colony Revealed? Prof Finds The Mysterious Colony's Capital
  28. Preservation of 5300 year old red blood cells in the Iceman
  29. Great Canfield Church
  30. Stone Age Columbus - programme summary
  31. First Americans May Have Been European
  32. Christopher Columbus' Jewish Roots Examined By Historians
  33. Who REALLY discovered America?
  34. Roman shipwrecks found nearly a mile deep
  35. Spanish cave paintings shown as oldest in world
  36. Caveman Bones, 7,000 Years Old, Said To Yield Oldest DNA Of Modern Humans
  37. Mein Kampf Quote About Skins
  38. history tryin to repeat itself
  39. Chinese unearth 4000-year-old mummy with ginger hair and a kilt
  40. Lost Viking Military Town Unearthed in Germany?
  41. The Arrow Cross
  42. Dr. Josef Mengele
  43. Thousand Year Old Viking Shield Found
  44. "Decoding Neanderthals" PBS NOVA video.
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  46. Battle of Kursk.
  47. Civil War books
  48. Ancient Europe
  49. Stone tipped spear pre date existence of humans.
  50. Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins
  51. Viking Sunstone
  52. New dig ups in Stonehenge unearth new evidence
  53. Nazi doctor's human remains collection found.
  54. Pour "Sargon le Grand" sioniste
  55. Le mensonge juif, sioniste!
  56. 1587 early English colony on American soil Archeological site established/good finds!
  57. Nazi treasure train said to be located
  58. Nazi secretly made weapons of the future.
  59. Aincient teeth find could re-write Human migration history
  60. Mein Kampf finally allowed to be published in Germany
  61. 94 yr old "death camp guard" goes to trial
  62. Danish burial site found:- New Viking artefacts
  63. Scotland's king Robert the Bruce gets a face reconstruction
  64. Anne Frank fraud
  65. Aushwitz Dr mengele's remains used for medical research
  66. Italy:-Shipwreck find brings out rare metals and Corinthian artefacts
  67. Australia /USA remembers the fallen 75 years on.Battle of the Coral sea.
  68. Germany searches military barracks for Nazi memorabilia
  69. Austrian state seizes Adolf Hitler's birth place and intendes to destroy it.
  70. National Geographic magazine apologises for being politically incorrect about race.
  71. The truth about the Civil War, Lincoln & Grant, the Confederacy, & the K.K.K.